Random Pictures!

It’s about that time again… lots of little memories floating around that I’d like to get on this little blog before I forget about them.  First off: games with the family.  It’s only been a week, but with Christmas totally put away and he house cleaned out, (Goodwill pick-up yesterday and housekeeper today), it feels like forever ago!

ds 1

ds 2

The games took place before another tradition; the oldest of all our Yeh family traditions, in fact. This one actually began at Yank Sing in San Francisco after my first Christmas with Daniel.  We were just dating!  (I think that makes this one year 12!)  The tradition?  Dim Sum the day after Christmas.

ds 3

ds 4

ds 5

I think Malachi was wiped out after a wonderful Christmas — this was taken shortly after leaving dim sum.  So much for a treat to keep him awake!

ds 6

Not posed; Grandpa taking a snoozer while Allison read him a story.  I’m so glad I grabbed my camera!

ds 7

This week has been nothing but crafts, bike rides, crafts, bike rides, and more crafts.  It’s been fun to dive into some of the Christmas craft presents!

ds 8

ds 9

ds 10

ds 11

And, last but not least… my little dude eating his apple peanut butter snack while sitting on our new kitchen chairs.  My mom hand-painted these chairs for our kitchen as our Christmas present.  (Yes, I am SPOILED!)  I found matching pas at Ikea, and love them.  I may have to do an entire post on these so you can see how cute they are, (and how talented my mom is!)  Thanks, Mom!

ds 12


2 responses to “Random Pictures!

  1. Hi cara!! Quick question, how is little passports working out? I want to start learning about a new country each month with my girls and am thinking little passports might be a great starting point. Your thoughts? Love keeping up with your sweet family!! Happy new year!! Holly. (Ps. You can email me directly. I am on my iPad and can’t access my contacts list for some reason! ).

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