Christmas Day 2013

Christmas Day 2013 was a memorable Christmas.  Picture perfect.  No sickies.  Beautiful weather.  Incredible food.  Lots of family.  Blessed.  Blessed.  Blessed.

xm 1

xm 2

xm 3

xm 6

xm 5

xm 7

xm 9

The kids were SO excited to show Grandma and Grandpa and Nate and Hilary their beautiful embroidery work towels.

xm 10

xm 11

xm 12

xm 13

The scooter = happy boy = happy mommy!  I was so excited to see he could actually ride it!

xm 14

xm 15

xm 16

xm 17

xm 18

xm 19

I know Christmas is not about all these things… the presents, the food, or even happy healthy kids.  It’s not even about giving as much as receiving the gift that God sent to this broken earth; his only Son so that we might have life and joy and peace.  Christmas is over.   Family is gone.  There may not be peace in the world for many.  But for those of us who know Him – who know of a God that is love.  We are blessed to have that peace live in our hearts no matter what the circumstances around us.  May you know Him!

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