Polar Bear Party

Details:  We got this giant polar bear from Costco, and took everyone’s picture with it as they came in.  It will serve as their thank you card, (I hope!)

pbp 1 pbp 2 pbp 3

Polar bear cupcakes: white frosting, marshmallow ears, jr. mint nose, mini chocolate chip eyes, and coconut fur.

pbp 4

Muddy buddy chez mix “snow” and, of course, polar bear Coca-cola.

pbp 5

Polar bear ornaments: cookie cutter from Ikea, and simple clay mixture: 1/2 cup baking soda, 3/4 cup water, 1 cup cornstarch  Mix on medium heat until you get a mashed-potao texture.  Remove from heat, let cool, roll, and cut shapes.  Bake at 175 for 45 minutes.

pbp 9 pbp 10 pbp 11

pbp 12 pbp 13

Polar bear decorations: Oriental Trading Company  (You can see not everyone loved making them!)

pbp 12.5

Marshmallow igloos… Just let them have fun!

pbp 14 pbp 15

pbp 16

Candy cane ice cream — love this time of year!pbp 17 pbp 18

Present opening on the birthday chair!

pbp 19

pbp 20

And, it’s over!

Happy birthday to my favorite 7 year old!

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