Natalie Turns 7!

Whew… having to back-blog is  tough sometimes.  We just finished a wonderful birthday party for Natalie.  She turned 7 a few days ago, but today was her friend party.  That means I’m tired, but oh-so-content.  Cold leftover pizza and chips for dinner and another cupcake for dessert.  Aaahh…  But, let me back-up for you just a bit:

n7 1

Under the bed present:  the rainbow loom, and a comforter cover.  To my surprise, she was more excited about the new comforter cover!   But, I think once I show her how easy the loom is, she will love it!

n7 2

Next up:  more homemade cinnamon rolls for breakfast.  Num num.

n7 4

And then… the revelation.  Natalie decided she wanted a surprise theme for her birthday.  She gave us 3 options to choose from; penguins, dolphins, or polar bears.  Since I needed to start prepping for her party, we sent her on a scavenger hunt to discover what her theme would be.

n7 3å

n7 5

This is what she found:

n7 6

The rest of the day was filled with gymnastics, a short shopping trip, and a movie with sisters.  Then we went out to Islands for dinner, per Natalie’s request.

n7 7

The only disappointment of the day was a cancelled trip to go ice skating, as the rink changed the times.  We made-up for it the next day!

n7 8

n7 9

And, that brings us to today… the party… I’d better get on that!

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