Snowflake Day

I told you we’d add a little fun to our week.  🙂  Simple fun, that is.  We started at snack time with “frosting” our snowflakes. (That is, cream cheese on Ritz — my kids love it!)

sfd 1

sfd 2

Next is an old favorite; cutting snowflakes.  The best part is their excitement after cutting.  They just can’t wait to open them up to see how they turned out!

sfd 3

I got this from Pinterest, and have been wanting to try it — snowflakes from pine needles.  We also added some snow dots with q-tips.  Speaking  tips, the only tip I have is press hard with the pine needles.  Other than that, have fun!

sfd 4

sfd 5

And, last of all… pipe cleaner borax snowflakes.  So simple.  1/3 cup borax mixed with 2 cups hot water.  Of course, the hardest part is patience.  I told the girls they wouldn’t be ready until the next day.  However, we checked that night and they were already crystalized.  Hooray!

sfd 6

sfd 7

sfd 8

sfd 9

sfd 10

And, that’s about it for snowflakes in December in California!

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