California in December

The only certain thing about the weather in Southern California in December is that snow, wind, rain, or hot sun are all possibilities.  It feels we have hit them all so far this month.  Just last week it was the wind:

weather 1

My kids LOVE the wind and always beg to do “bag kites.”  Then I have a dilemma… insist on starting school, or enjoy a second cup of coffee for an hour while they run outside with bag kites and call it p.e.  I usually opt for p.e.

weather 2

weather 3

Then we have days like today.  December 17, 2013 — 84 degrees.  That’s when I’m forced to make another decision.  Insist on starting school, or walk to the horse stables and call it p.e.  Guess what we chose?

weather 4

weather 5

weather 6

weather 7

weather 8

weather 9

weather 10

weather 11

weather 12

weather 13

The moral of the story is… always opt for p.e.!

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