Scenes from the Season

It’s official!  According to our charter school calendar we are officially on Christmas break.  But, shhhh… the kids don’t know this so I am trying to squeeze in an extra week of work!  Of course, we will include some fun, as well.  Here are some scenes from this season:

scenes 1

1.  Malachi turning the nativity scene into a construction zone.  (Love it — fits him so well right now!)

scenes 2

2.  After running into Santa at the mall, I found this letter on my almost-7-year-old’s desk.  Precious.  Santa is going to love it!

scenes 3

3.  Styrofoam Christmas trees, take two.  These were such a hit last year, the girls just had to do them, again.  I buy the trees at the Dollar Tree — far cheaper than from a craft store!

scenes 4

4.  Presents are being wrapped.  The kids know they are not allowed in our closet until after Christmas!

scenes 5

5.  Cookies are being baked.  I got the idea to use my little blueberry boxes from the farmer’s market as small cookie boxes for people like our AWANA leaders, our piano teacher, etc. from Pinterest.  You can see the original here.

scenes 6

6.  More cookies are being baked… and frosted… with friends.  (What is Christmas without special days with special friends?)

scenes 7

scenes 8

scenes 9

7.  And… our Christmas cards are finally here.  The kids are so excited to go to the mailbox these days, and so am I!  Now if only I had a Christmas movie, my address list, a nice pen and some washi tape, and a tall peppermint mocha… I’d be all set to get our cards out!  Sounds wonderful, but my pile of laundry is calling.  (So is my bed!)

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