You know how you have a plan of how a day will go in your head… and then it never goes quite the same?  Something always pops-up; bad weather, a kid gets sick, car trouble… something?!?!?  Well, I’m happy to tell you that sometimes… just sometimes it actually does go as planned.  And that is awesome!

dis 1

Let me back-up a bit.  We told the girls yesterday that they would get to accompany their dad to work for “Family work day.”  Since my husband works near Disneyland, that would explain the drive.  Once we got there, our oldest was the only one who seemed a little suspicious.  She was 4 last time we went to Disneyland, and asked, “Why does this place look so familiar?”  We parked in Downtown Disney and then took the monorail.  It wasn’t until we were on the monorail that I got to break the news — “We’re at Disneyland!”

dis 2

It’s funny, because that meant absolutely nothing to the two little ones — but from now on it will mean a big something!  All four were all smiles all day.  (Pretty amazing!)

dis 3

Crowds were small and our longest wait was 20 minutes.  (That was for Dumbo, and the kids did the carousel while I waited in line!)

dis 4

Disneyland at Christmas time was pretty special.  The kids especially loved “It’s a Small World.”  (Can you blame them?)

dis 5

dis 6

dis 7

Sierra’s favorite was the tea cups.  Figures.  She has a tea party with her animals almost every day!

dis 8

I never go anywhere that requires patience without lollipops! 🙂

dis 9

dis 10

dis 11

To add to our day of sugar, Daniel brought us some French beignets when we came out of our Playhouse Disney show.

dis 12

This was so sweet… by 3pm, Malachi literally couldn’t keep his eyes open.  He was still half-awake and smiling when he was kissed, but otherwise zonked!

dis 13

dis 14

dis 15

dis 16

dis 17

dis 18

dis 19

The plan was to stay until after lunch.  We stayed until it was dark, got dinner, and put four sleepy heads right to bed.  So I suppose it didn’t go exactly as planned… it went better.


3 responses to “Disneyland!

      • My kids go on just about anything! We like everything from Peter Pan and Pooh to Space Mountain and Matterhorn; we’ll take it all!

        We actually just surprised them with passes for Christmas. We’ve only had them about a week. It is well worth the money though, we’ve already gone four times! (laughing)

        Maybe we’ll bump into each other some time; accidentally on purpose? 🙂

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