Oh, Christmas Tree

Last night I made another list of all the things I wanted to accomplish today.  I went to bed laughing… if we accomplished half of that list, it would be wonderful.  Mixed in with the laundry and organizing was making two Christmas crafts as well as rice krispy treats.  And, while we may have only gotten through a third of the list, we did indeed accomplish the all-important crafts and treats!  The first craft we did was a paper-strip Christmas tree.  It was a Pinterest find, and you can see my inspiration here.  (I would recommend checking it out… they had other fun ideas using the same concept, as well.)

ctree 1

Since my kids don’t cut that straight, I first had them draw chalk lines on their papers so they would know where to cut.  I also made them  allowed them to cut their own 1/2″ strips of paper.  They really enjoyed this part!

ctree 2

Next, all they had to do was slip the paper through the slots!  It took a few minutes for them to catch-on, but once they did they were on their own!

ctree 3

Meanwhile, this little dude enjoyed chopping the air.  (Yes, I was nervous but I was right next to him and watching him like a hawk!)

ctree 4

And, Sierra made her own “tree” by gluing the strips on a paper.

ctree 5


ctree 6

The beauty of this project is that they were able to use the leftover strips for two more projects; a count-down chain, (to Natalie’s birthday, not Christmas), and quilling once again.  Hope you stayed warm and found some Christmas joy mixed-in with your to-do list, as well!


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