Homemade marshmallows

It happens every year.  I see the cute advent calendars on Pinterest, and I vow to be on top of things and actually make one, and not just pin one!  Then it sneaks up on me… December.  And, my list is made.  And, the priority of an Advent calendar falls to the bottom and gets put off until next year.

Well, this year was no different.  Actually, it was a little different.  This year I actually figured out which advent calendar I would use, primed it out, and made a list of 25 activities specific for our family!  I even bought the Groupon for ice skating, (one of our activities), and saved my Chick-Fil-A coupons for getting a peppermint milkshake, (another activity).  But, once again, I decided it would be too much.  At least I am more ready than ever for next year!  And, I am doing Christmas activities for our “Try-it Tuesdays.”  Yesterday we made homemade marshmallows… (and hot chocolate to go with them, of course!)

marsh 1

I was so excited when I remembered my mom had gotten me a candy thermometer recently.  This is a must for making marshmallows.  Actually, they are quite simple if you have one.

marsh 2

marsh 3

marsh 4

We experimented with various small cookie cutters.  As long as they were dipped in our corn starch/ powdered sugar mixture first, they turned out great!

marsh 5

To be honest, it was a little sad watching them melt in the hot chocolate after waiting 4 hours for them to harden.  But, they were really yummy!  We all agreed on that!

marsh 6

marsh 7

After making several “cute” ones… then eating them… we just cut up the rest and put them in a ziplock.  They are still yummy tasting today!  I wonder how long they will last?!?!

marsh 8

If you would like the instructions, here they are as we wrote them in our science journals:

marsh 9

And for the real recipe, just Google Alton Brown’s marshmallows.


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