Schooling Around

We are officially on Thanksgiving break, and I am oh so thankful!  I believe the sickies are behind us, too.  Would you believe I’ve already started wrapping Christmas presents?  I’m also looking forward to seeing some friends we don’t get to see too often during the school year, having a wonderful meal with our family on Thursday, and then turning on the Christmas music to begin the decorating.  Exciting stuff ahead!  In the meantime, here is a peak at some of our schooling the past few weeks:

skool 1

We enjoyed our stay in Russia; especially the Russian pancakes and painting the Matryoshka dolls!

skool 2

We tried something new; puffy paints!  They worked great, though they were quite messy.  Once you make the paints and paint the pictures, you simply microwave them for a few seconds and watch them puff up.  It’s pretty cool.  You can get the original recipe here.

skool 3

skool 4

I love Natalie’s face; she wasn’t fond of the mess.

skool 5

We are now in England and have done two crafts this week:  1)  quilling  (The girls were already familiar with this from a previous Keepers of the Home meeting!)

skool 6

skool 7

2)  We made thaumatropes.  Yeah, I had never heard of them either.  They are a sort of toy developed in England where you have a picture on one side of a circle and another picture upside down on the other side.  My girls did a bird and a bird cage, love and a heart, and a fish and a fish bowl.  Once you’re done, you pull a string through and wind them up.  Once you spin them, your eyes are suppose to trick you into seeing the objects superimposed.  Unfortunately, we couldn’t spin them fast enough to get good results.  But, they were fun to make!

skool 8

skool 9

Finally, Allison and Natalie are sewing dolls by hand.  Allison got the pattern from a boook she got for her birthday.  So far she has cut the pattern, cut the fabric, pinned the fabric, sewn the fabric, and stuffed the doll herself.  I am impressed.  Next up — the fun stuff.  Embroidering the face and making some clothes!  (Oh, wait — we have to sew the legs on, as well!)

skool 10

Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving week!


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