Hot Chocolate

It’s that time of year, again… brrr… I always think I like the cold better than the hot.  Then the cold comes and I’m… well, cold.  Funny how that works!  But a little hot chocolate definitely makes us all a bit cozier!

coco 1

Thursday was our first big rain of the year.  We told the girls they could stay in their jammies and have hot chocolate instead of tea for our Thankful Thursday tea party.  Add a fire, and it was super cozy!

coco 2

This was Malachi’s first hot chocolate.  I LOVE the looks on his face.  🙂

coco 3

coco 4

Once the girls wrote in their thankful journals, we decided to read.  I sat on the yellow chair reading.  I would glance up once in a while and see my husband on the couch with Malachi, and the 3 girls huddled by the fire.  It was so sweet, it almost made it hard for me to read without getting choked up.  I am so grateful for days with our entire family together… especially when they involve hot chocolate, a good book, and a fire!

coco 5


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