The Animals

Life is never dull around here with our animals.  (No, I’m not referring to our children — though that works at some level on some days!)

ani 1

Here my husband invited the animals onto our bed to share his dried fish snack.  Ya.  Don’t ask.

ani 2

The cat was the lucky winner.  (The dog got scared off by the camera — for some reason he still thinks it’s a weapon.)

ani 3

ani 4

My boy having fun pretending to paint and having the cat attack the paintbrush.  Perhaps the shirtless boy outside on a cold day explains why the sickness lingers on…

ani 6

ani 7

This poor chicken.

ani 8

We have our first experience with “molting,” and I don’t like it one bit.  It kind of gives me the creeps to see the new feathers growing in.  Eow.  So far she is he only one who seems to be molting.  Hmmm…

ani 9

And, this elusive chicken.  Her name is Grace.  She gets out of the chicken yard every day.  We clipped her wings and covered the spot where we thought she may have been escaping, yet she still manages to get out.  We have yet to catch her, but I am dying to know how she keeps escaping.  Today she and the cat were staring each other down through the window.  Of course, by the time I grabbed my camera it was all over, but it was pretty funny!

ani 10


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