Nothing Much!

I know, I know… I said no more sickie pictures.  But, just look at the little face I got to see up close and personal all day:

so sad 1

Ugh.  Melts your heart, huh?  Little dude is officially on day 3 of misery.  I woke-up with sore arms today and realized it was from little dude’s day 2 of misery.  Hey, at least I’ll get a good arm workout carrying sick boy all day!  On the bright side, he looked a little better this afternoon.

so sad 2

I know this looks more like a summer picture, but this, my friends, is why I love living in southern California.  Our Farmer’s market has the best strawberries still.  They are so sweet.  I am hoping they will help rid our house of this sick bug with their vitamins, but so far no luck!

so sad 3

Curly top is finally her old self.  I’m not sure if that’s a good thing — ha!  Truly, I am happy to have her back from the sickies even if it means we’re back to spankings!  🙂  Today she and the dog decided to have their cucumbers outside.  It was precious, and I actually caught a picture without the dog knowing I went to get my camera and running off on me.

so sad 4

These two lovely ladies are also on the mend.  I’ll miss our games of Sorry, Monopoly, Boggle, and puzzles, but it will be good to get back into a school routine!

so sad 5

And, last but not least… this was our loot today when I opened the nesting box.  It is always just so pretty.

so sad 6


2 responses to “Nothing Much!

  1. Glad your peeps are feeling better. School routine? I am still looking for mine. Haven’t seen it since feb. 2013. I am scarily becoming an unschooler, lol. No seriously I am not. I swear. Just moving and packing and husbands guts rupturing and what not is a bit tedious 🙂


    • You are so funny! Seriously, you have had quite the year – and still look at your smiling family pictures! Love it! And, by “routine,” I mean back to reading in the boy’s room while he plays, doing math in the car on the way to the grocery store, etc. 🙂

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