We recently mentioned to some friends that our kids are sick…again… They commented, “Your kids are always sick, it seems.”  Feels that way over here, too.  Thankfully, it’s never more than a flu or cold.  And, though they seem to linger,  eventually they go away.  And so this week has seen quite a bit of this:

sick 1

My poor sweetie who never naps has not been able to keep from falling asleep anywhere!  This afternoon she conked out on the rug, then outside, then on my bed where she still is now!

sick 2

With the beautiful weather, we’ve tried a few sister time activities outside.  Sidewalk paints lasted a minute.  Playing with mud and water and making pretend menus for our pretend restaraunt lasted a bit longer due to the older girls.  Then Malachi took over with his trucks!

sick 3

Natalie took to the catching bugs idea, but little sis was just too tired to join her!

sick 4

Our only kid without a high fever today was this guy:

sick 5

Perhaps it’s because he likes to steal my salads!  (Don’t be too impressed, though.  He’s done after 3 bites!)

sick 6

Mostly it’s because he is our good sleeper.  This week he has had two 4-hour naps.  Most Mondays he misses the garbage trucks because of his naps.  Today he actually got to see the recycling truck before going down.  He was enthralled!

sick 7

Then the truck drove out of our cul-de-sac. **tears**  Then it was nap time!

sick 8


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