The Flamingo Party

I always let my kids choose their birthday theme, so long as they promise not to change their mind.  So far so good.  When Sierra said, “flamingo,” I had to smile.  I can’t explain it, but it fits her personality so well.  Remember this flamingo picture taken just a few weeks before the party?

sd3 2

It was perfect to use for her invitation!  Ok, on to the party…

fgo 1 fgo 2 fgo 3 fgo 4 fgo 5 fgo 6

Most of our parties are heavy on crafts and light on games.  This time around, I switched things up.  Other than coloring, it was mostly outdoor flamingo games.  Unfortunately, I was leading the games and forgot to hand the camera off.  In fact, I was bad with the camera all-around.  Here are the only lunch and game pictures I took:

fgo 7

fgo 8

fgo 9

fgo 10

Sierra can be somewhat shy and overwhelmed when it comes to large crowds.  (We weren’t even allowed to sing happy birthday.)  But, she did great this birthday and even enjoyed the birthday chair and present opening!

fgo 11

fgo 12

fgo 13

fgo 14

fgo 15

fgo 16

fgo 17

fgo 18

After the cake, I finally gave-up and let the kids go upstairs.  My rope blockade had long since been torn down.  I think they had the most fun just dressing-up and playing.

fgo 20

Happy 4th birthday, my sweet girl!


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