Sierra turns 4!

I know we usually start out with birthdays by saying, “I can’t believe she’s turning _,” but with Sierra, let me just say, “Thank goodness.”  There’s a certain maturity that comes from 4 that I am already starting to see and enjoy.  The physical little things like getting dressed and buckling seat belts make life so much easier, but even more so the emotional maturity and understanding I am loving.  This was the first birthday that Sierra truly understood what was going to take place ahead of time, and really looked forward to!

s4 1

By request, Sierra had banana waffles, strawberry milk, and fresh pineapple for breakfast.

s4 2

s4 3

I must have asked her all day to show me how old she was.  I love it!

s4 4

After breakfast, we opened presents.

s4 5

As soon as presents were opened, it was off to soccer… the last game of the season for Natalie!

s4 6

s4 7

s4 8

I love our little soccer league.  All the parents make a tunnel for the kids after each game.

s4 9

After soccer, we were all beat.  Malachi even stayed up way past nap time, but crashed once we got home.  So, our plans to go out turned into plans for a movie, pizza, and cupcakes at home.  Sierra wanted to help with the cupcake part.

s4 10

s4 11

s4 12

s4 12.5

s4 13

s4 14

Pizza, a movie, and mini cupcakes turned out to be exactly what all of us needed.  It was a great end to the day.  Well, a great end for the birthday girl… the rest of us worked on getting ready for her party the next day.  Stay tuned for the big pink flamingo 4 year old birthday party!


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