Halloween 2013

I’ll just warn you now — I took a lot of pictures today!  We absolutely love celebrating Halloween — not the ghoul and yuck, of course.  But in Natalie’s words, “It’s a great chance to give!”  (She may have melted my heart when she said that.)  It is also a chance to get to know our neighbors, to celebrate some family traditions, and to have fun!  Today included jack-o-lantern pancakes, a trip to the pumpkin patch, pumpkin carving, our traditional Halloween dinner, and then trick-or-treating; all with my parents, who haven’t missed a Halloween with their grandkids yet.  Great day!

h13 1

h13 2

h13 3

h13 4

h13 5

h13 6

h13 7

h13 8

h13 9

h13 10

h13 11

h13 12.5

h13 12

One goat decided to nibble her shirt!

h13 13

h13 14

Poor Malachi got bit by a pig.  I got a few looks from other moms when I insisted on a picture before comforting him.  Ah, the life of a blogger!  Poor dude.

h13 15

h13 16

h13 17

h13 18

h13 19

h13 20

h13 21

h13 22

h13 23

h13 24

The kids all carved their own pumpkins this year.  I was impressed!

h13 25

h13 27

h13 28

h13 29

h13 30

h13 31

h13 32

As always, the kids picked their own costumes and designed them — all from our dress-up bin.  Two hula girls, a jack-o-lantern, and a monkey.  (I didn’t even know what Malachi would be until right before going out.  So glad we had the monkey and it fit!)

h13 33

h13 34

h13 35

h13 36

h13 38

h13 39

h13 40

h13 41

h13 42

h13 43

h13 44

Malachi ate more candy than I want to admit.  He would knock on a door, get candy, then hand it to us and say demand, “Open it!”  He would then eat it and not want to trick-or-treat until it was gone.  He would then be ready to go, again!   The girls all waited until we got home to eat, sort, and share.  They are so sweet that way!

Until next year, Halloween!


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