Random Fall Days

Every year at this time I seem to be jealous of my midwest friends donning sweaters and jeans.  Not this year!  These cool fall days have me smiling!  (Cool by southern California standards, anyway…)  Here are some random photos of our week!

ran 1

Sisters painting each others’ nails for the first time.  Sister bonding… I love it!  (Daniel and I may or may not have taken a nap shortly after these pictures were taken!)

ran 2

We went to the grocery store with a long list… I did NOT want to go.  But, it turns out they were having a grand re-opening and the kids got balloons and painted faces.   Happy kids = happy Mommy.

ran 3

Candles on a rainy day…

ran 4

The first hot chocolate of the season…

ran 5 ran 6

And, we tried a new recipe; pumpkin snickerdoodles.  Snickerdoodles make me miss my friend Katie like crazy!  These were yummy; (but not as yummy as my friends’).

ran 7

ran 8

A new recipe for the little ones… pumpkin play dough.  This will be a new fall tradition.  It is so simple!  Canned pumpkin, pumpkin pie spice, and corn starch until the consistency turns into play dough.  Your hands don’t get all salty, and it is even edible for the littles!  Not-to-mention, it smells awesome!

ran 9

ran 10

ran 11

ran 12

And, it was suppose to be a spring garden… we thought the green beans were long done, but suddenly they are back with a vengeance!  Lucky chickens… we have been letting them enjoy this round.

ran 13

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