Meaningful Monday

I feel like I need to start off with a little disclaimer.  Reading this post, you may think we are always helping others and learning scripture and raising our kids just perfectly.  And, while I’d love for that to be true, it just isn’t.  In the past, I have tried to be intentional about these things, and it hasn’t worked.  Making “Meaningful Monday” the priority of our school day on Mondays this year has been a huge improvement.  Now we are getting better at these things — but there is always room for more growth.  I mean, we are just selfish creatures, aren’t we?  So that is my disclaimer.

That being said, what is Meaningful Monday?  Simply put, it is a day set aside to bless and be blessed.  There are 3 main components.  1.  We learn a scripture verse together.  Sometimes this begins with an object lesson.  More on that in a minute.  But, it always has a complete scripture reading, lots of questions, and then we write one or more of the verses we read in our Scripture art journals  2.  I bless my children with a special note and joke as I send them off to piano.  (I started this last year, and it was such a huge hit I had to continue!  There are SO many fun printable lunch jokes out there!)  3.  We do something special for someone else.  We have made care packages, brought eggs to neighbors, done lots of baking for friends, written letters to friends and family, brought meals to families, and most recently began shopping for our Operation Christmas Child boxes.  Again, I don’t say these things to brag… I have been wanting to be intentional about these things in for so long, but it just hasn’t worked very well until now.  And even now it is sometimes a challenge — but I really want my kids to be “others-focused,” and I am hoping this will help.

mmm 2

For this lesson, we read Ephesians 6 — putting on the full armor of God.   First, the kids stuck their hand in a bowl of water full of pepper.  The pepper stuck all over their hands.  After washing their hands, they covered them in soap and again stuck them in a bowl of water and pepper.  This time the pepper “ran away.”  I asked them what the pepper represented, and they immediately said sin.  Right on!  The soap was, of course, the armor.  After a long discussion, we got to our art journals.  I found this lesson on Pinterest.

mmm 3

We have done all sorts of different things in our art journals.  Since the armor of God verses were so long, (Eph 6:13 – 17), I actually had printed them out for the girls the night before.  They cut and glued using fun scissors and construction paper as a background.  They also cut out some of the armor pieces.

mmm 4

For this verse, they used colored pencils and stencils for the world and sun.  Then they used felt-tip pens for writing the verse, and traced the letters to emphasize “light.”

mmm 5

Self-explanatory — the fruits of the spirit!

mmm 6

For Romans 8:28, I used an awesome object lesson from Darcy.  I then drew pictures of all the ingredients we used to make our chocolate chip cookies, and made copies of it for each of the girls.  They cut them out, and put certain words from our verse into them.  Check out Darcy’s awesomeness here.

mmm 7

Here we used stamps.  You may notice none of the scripture references are on the pages.  I have them write them on the page before so that they can use these to study and practice with, as well.

mmm 8

This was a favorite — washi tape trees, and hand-drawn as well as stamped birds!

mmm 9

This one didn’t turn out so well, but we used white crayons to write “whatever” and then painted over them.  (The verse is continued on the next page.)

mmm 10

This verse also took two pages!

And, that is a glimpse into our Mondays.  Somehow, taking the focus off of ourselves helps start our week off right.  These are not all the journal pages we’ve done this year, but most of them.  We go through them at the beginning of each day, very quickly, just so we remember all the verses.  Again, I have been so bad about this in the past.  We learned SO many verses last year and the year before, but then never reviewed them.  This is helping me be accountable, as well!  🙂

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