House Projects

Ah, yes… house projects.  “Will we ever be done?” my husband asks.  The answer is probably not — because there is always something more to do.   And, with kids “helping…” it could take a while!  (Personally, I quite like these projects, so I am ok with always having one more!)  Yesterday we conquered a very small project.  I have had the pictures and things for this wall across from our bed for many months on our floor waiting to be hung.  I just needed my husband to help me hang them.  He is so good at it.  He has also been super busy trying to finish the new chicken coop before the rainy season.  And so, my pictures sat…

proj 1

proj 2

Lest you think this shot was just for fun, let me assure you that Malachi really did hammer in this nail all by himself.  I have said this many times before, but I will say it again… I love how my husband always finds ways to have the kids help.  They have learned so much and done so much more than I ever had at their age.

proj 3

proj 4

proj 5

proj 6

proj 7

proj 8

proj 9

This cradle has been in our room since Allison was a baby.  It is a gift form my uncle, who designed, carved, and painted it all by hand.  It is UH-MAZING!  I absolutely love it.  But alas, we have no more babies.   Soon it will house some house plants.  Until then, it is a boat for my kids to rock out in…

proj 10

proj 11

proj 12

proj 13

And, this is the finished wall…

proj 14

Won’t it look good when I get some plants in that cradle?  Yes, finishing little projects can feel so good.  I already told you how special that cradle is.  Let me point out a few other special items… See the quilt on the white chair?  My aunt Kathy sewed it for me when I lived in my first apartment.  And that little rocking chair?  Hand painted for me when I was 4 by my grandma.  It is Norwegian rose malling, which you can’t see in this picture, but which makes it even more special — a little piece of my heritage!  And, the giant wood piece on the wall — I believe I blogged about it when I made it, though I can’t seem to find that post.  It was an old bench out by our swimming pool when we moved into this house.  My husband sanded it down, and I painted it and added an orange magnet board which is now covered in pictures.  There is just one more thing that needs to be done in this room — my night stand.  I found one I love, but it is very expensive.  So, I bought some legs off of E-bay, and it is now on my husband’s honey-do list.  Just as soon as that coop gets done… Anyway, I will be back with a full room tour then!


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