Good/ Not Good


good 1

This sweet cat is so good to the girls.  Every night I take him off one of their beds and bring him downstairs just to ensure he doesn’t wake them early in the morning.  But, they love going to bed cuddled-up with him, and he even lets them tuck him in!  Good cat.

Not Good:

good 2

I thought I would try a new veggie…. Chinese celery.  I had no idea how to cook it, (and my Chinese husband was working, so I couldn’t ask him.)   I decided  I couldn’t go wrong with a little fresh garlic, salt, and pepper stir-fried.  Turns out Chinese celery tastes a lot like regular celery, only it is much thinner.  I really don’t think the leaves were meant to be eaten, however — they were super bitter.  My oldest actually ate all her veggies.  (Good girl!)  I couldn’t finish mine.  I would say, not good.


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