Thai Breakfast

I just love it when God blesses our school time, even though I am totally unprepared!  This morning, we mixed things up a bit with school.  After our “Work on it Wednesday” writing assignments, we dove into our geography.  We usually do geography in the afternoon when Malachi is napping, but decided to do it early since I would be tutoring a friend’s daughter all afternoon.  My husband blessed me by taking the two little ones on a long bike ride to see horses and play at the park.  My only mistake was sending the camera with him, but oh well…

ttb 1

So, blessing number 1: We just arrived in Thailand, (for our geography curriculum), and I just so happened to randomly buy some Thai tea a few weeks ago.  “Let’s make tea,” I suggest!  Meanwhile, the girls are busy reading me our fun facts from Thailand.

ttb 2

It turns out one of the breakfast favorites in Thailand is toast with sweetened condensed milk.  Since we had just opened a can for our Thai tea and the girls were wanting a morning snack, we decided to have toast with our tea.  But wait, it gets better…

ttb 3

Just last night I pinned THIS idea to my kids board.  Yes, painting toast with milk!  Only we decided to do it “Thai style,” and used sweetened condensed milk.

ttb 4

Since my camera was off with the little ones, I had to wait until they returned to take the pictures.  But, I am glad I did — they had a lot of fun with it, as well!

ttb 6

Super fun for toddlers; this was the longest my dude has ever lasted on a painting craft!

ttb 7

Apparently, the kids thought the toast was extra sweet and yummy.  I am so thankful for “Godincidences,” like pinning a craft the night before I needed it and randomly buying Thai tea!  I think we will have to end this trip with a real trip to our local Thai diner!


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