Egg Drops and Balloon Pops

It’s “Try-it Tuesday,” again!  Not only do I have today’s experiment for you, but last week’s, as well.  Let’s start with last week’s since order is good.

ed 1

As I mentioned before, we have no formal science curriculum this year.  So, we are all over the board.  I found this fun lesson on one of my favorite blogs, Under the Sycamore.  Right away I knew we would give it a try!

ed 2 ed 3

I still have physical therapy for my knee on Tuesdays, so this one was all about my husband.  I LOVE how he lets Malachi give the egg drop a shot.  Malachi had one success, and one failure.  Though, I’m sure he counted it all success in his little head!

ed 4

Apparently, eggs got old after a while, so they experimented on other objects.  Apple sauce: failure.  Tabasco: success.

Now, let’s move on to today!  This experiment also came from a favorite blog, Learn, Play, Imagine.  I basically chose this one because we had all the ingredients on hand  — soda left over from Valentine’s Day, and Nerds leftover from our Saige movie night.  Balloons from who-knows-where!

ed 5

ed 6

The experiment is simple, really.  Use a funnel to fill the balloon with Nerd’s.  (Not really full, mind you — just a small amount will do!)  Attach the balloon to the soda, and empty the Nerds in.  Watch what happens!

ed 7

We use Science journals to record all our fun learning. I love their drawings, and their hypotheses.  This time they guessed that the nerds would float, one guessed they would sink, and one guessed a rainbow would form.  They were excited to see the balloon inflate.

ed 8

Ok, well one girl was not excited.  She actually was yelling “Stop!”  I think she thought it was going to explode.  I’m not a balloon fan either, Sierra!

ed 9

ed 10

ed 11

And, the best part?  Eating the results.


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