San Diego 2013, Day 3

And, the last day of our trip… By now extreme exhaustion has set-in on all parts.  The smiles are a little more forced — and not because we are not having a great time.  It’s simply fatigue.   So, day 3 — our trip to the Safari Park!

sd3 1

sd3 2

We had to get a picture of our Flamingo Girl with her flamingos.
sd3 3 sd3 4 sd3 5

Notice there are no pictures of Sierra and the lorikeets — she has a great memory of last year’s experience!

sd3 6

sd3 7

Natalie actually wanted to get bit by a duck.. and she did!

sd3 8

In Daniel’s words, “This never gets old.”  My animal loving husband… he should have been a farmer!

sd3 9

sd3 10

sd3 11

sd3 12

The bird show… my favorite!  (And I don’t even like birds.)

sd3 13 sd3 14

The safari…

sd3 15

The lions… first time seeing them so close and so active!

sd3 16

sd3 17

sd3 18

The gorillas were also more active than we’ve seen them.  I guess we chose the right time of day!

sd3 19

And, the grand finale… the carousel!  Until next year, San Diego!


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