The Wind

It happens every year.  The nice cool fall weather sets in.  We grow accustomed to windows open and fresh crisp air.  Then the winds come.  For however long they last, the windows are closed and the house gets stuffy.  Then they die down and leave us with warmer temperatures.  Yuck.  I don’t like the Santa Ana winds.  But, my kids do…

wind 1

wind 2

wind 3

Ironically, I only took pictures of the little ones out there.  Really, my big girls could spend hours with plastic “bag kites.”  And, I would let them if it were not a school day!  Right now the winds are gone and the windows are open and the night air is nice and cool.  Aaahh… (And on a totally separate note, I cannot get this boy to change out of his jammies until mid-morning anymore.  He LOVES his “rockets!”)


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