Stone Inlay

We are still loving our geography curriculum and having fun traveling around the world.  One of our favorite parts is the native crafts.  We learned that India is famous for its stone inlay.  We watched some videos on it from You Tube, then did a little crafting of our own.  (Of course, I am not so crafty as to come up with these things — our curriculum has a book which gives us Crafts from Around the World!)

inlay 1

Since it is fall, (and I didn’t have any “gems” on hand,) we used acorns and leaves in addition to beads to decorate our inlays.  (Plus that meant they were busy outside scavenging for items. 🙂 )

inlay 2

Once they were dry, (2 days later), we painted them.

inlay 3

I love when Sierra can participate in school!

inlay 4

inlay 5

Next it’s off to Israel. I am personally looking forward to learning along with my kids!


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