Who’s that girl?

I often get asked how I homeschool with two little ones.  But, I am not the first mom to do it…. and arguably many moms have it much harder.  Still, there are some days I  just need to pour extra attention into the little ones.  Today Sierra needed a little extra mommy-time.  So, I first had her do her name in beads.  I showed her how to put a small tab of glue and then a bead.  Then I turned my attention to the bigger ones.  I looked back and noticed quite a bit of glue was coming out — but she ws having fun.  Some days it’s just easier to let the messes happen!

wtg 1

After our bead project, I offered to give her a bath and to attempt to blow-dry her hair straight.  Honestly, I’ve always wanted to try it, myself.  I thought it would be some good bonding time.  (And it was.)  Are you ready for the reveal?

wtg 2

wtg 3

wtg 4

wtg 5

I was a bit worried that she would be upset that it wasn’t totally straight.  But, she was thrilled with it.  This may be a new incentive to get her to take a bath — If I have the time to do her hair!


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