Rocket Science

Tuesdays are a fun day around here.  They are the one day we do not have soccer, which means Daniel and I have a date night!  Actually, we are taking a class at our church, (which really is a fun date), which means Daniel is always home Tuesdays.  And, because he is home, I schedule my physical therapy for those days and leave Daniel to the schooling.

rocket 1

Every Tuesday is “Try it Tuesday.”  That means we try new recipes, new games, and/ or new science experiments.  Since Daniel is a pro at science, and I am not – I enjoy leaving it to him!

rocket 2

Today they did “rocket science.”  Not only did they have a fun lesson and learn a lot, but Daniel took pictures for me to post!  (87 pictures, that is!  I narrowed it down to 4 for you!)

rocket 3

rocket 5

Trying new things is a characteristic I want my kids to possess.  I am hoping “Try it Tuesdays” will help in that area!


2 responses to “Rocket Science

    • Hey Mandy! Sorry for the late reply. I have been wanting to do a post on all our specific days, but don’t know when I’ll get to it. We have “Meaningful Monday,” where we memorize a Bible verse, write it in an art journal, and try to do something kind for someone. Try it Tuesday — usually science or cooking a new recipe. Work on it Wednesday — extra chores and extended writing lesson. Thankful Thursday — a tea party and writing in our thankful journals. Family Fun Friday — usually games or a family walk or a field trip. Hope that helps!

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