Oak Glen 2013

I look forward to this day every year for so many reasons.  Oak Glen is BEAUTIFUL.  It is 20 degrees cooler than where we are.  It is the official start to Fall.  Need I go on?  This year was especially fun as the weather was much cooler than normal, and we had special friends join us!  So, we fixed some apple muffins and warm cider for the drive up…

og 1 og 2

Waiting for friends is always the hardest part!

og 3

og 4

Snack time; apple sauce and pumpkin spice rice krispy treats.

og 5

We went to the park to play, and had a blast.  Time just flew by.  Even though this is a new park, it felt more like an old fashioned park with a see saw and a huge slide and things… It was awesome.

og 6 og 7

og 8

og 9

og 10

We were so excited to discover a nature trail.  It was super short, which was perfect for our kids.  (At least my kids are not endurance walkers.)

og 11

og 12

og 13

These two, again… I tried not to take too many pictures of them, but really I can’t resist such cuteness.  None of the pictures are posed — every time I turned around they were off playing together.

og 14

og 15

And then we found them… wild apple trees!  The kids were so excited!

og 16

og 17

og 18

og 19

og 20

… And back to the park!

og 21

og 22

og 23

og 24

Story time!

og 25

og 26

og 27

og 28

He’s so much fun… I just love this guy!

og 29

og 30

og 31

og 32

og 33

After leaving the park, we headed to Los Rios Ranch for some apple samples and more cider.

og 34

og 35

og 36

Would you believe all the kids were looking at the camera for our group shot?

og 37

And, last but not least…. my newest favorite picture of Malachi.  (Even if it wasn’t totally in focus)

eg 38

What a day!  I think I’m going to go watch “You’ve Got Mail” and call it a night!  Happy fall, my friends!

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