Poor Spongie.

We love our kitty.  LOVE.  True love.  I know I have said this many times before, but he has added so much joy to our family!

sponge 1

sponge 2

That being said, he has developed a bad habit; jumping on anything and everything.

sponge 3

(I know… he looks so cute and innocent, right?)

sponge 4

Unfortunately, that bad habit got him into trouble the other day.  You see, I was cooking breakfast; pancakes, to be exact…

sponge 5

Yup.  Hot griddle on.  He jumped all the way on top of it.  I squirm just to picture it, again.

sponge 6

sponge 7

A trip to the vet.  A big bill.  Pain meds.  Anti-biotics.  And, a cast that is driving him crazy.

sponge 9

Luckily, it was only one paw that really got burned.  But, it was a doozy.  Most of the pad got a good burn.

sponge 10

You’d think that would have taught him a lesson, right?  Silly little guy attempted to jump on the counter again, tonight.  He missed and went crashing down.  At 5 months old, I think he’s already down to just 7 lives.

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