Schoolin’ Around

I have to tell you… schooling with my two littles can be tough.  However, this year hasn’t been as tough as I thought it would be.  I think it’s because my older ones are now able to be somewhat independent with certain activities.  And, they’re at the age where we can do a lot of fun things  — (By “things” I mean crafts, of course; anyone who knows me knows that is my favorite part of teaching. )  However, I just haven’t been able to take as many pictures with the little ones.  So, here is just a handful:

scha 1

Crowns for our time in Korea.

scha 1.5

Marshmallow jello roll-ups; you have to try these.  Sooo simple!

scha 2

South Korean animal mini books — while modeling their crowns, of course!

scha 3 scha 4

And our first “Little Passports” suitcase finally arrived!

We really are enjoying our travels to different countries.  We made an awesome Korean beef stir fry.  We’ve done origami, written some Haiku poetry, and are learning to pray scripture over people in different countries.  It’s a lot of fun!

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