We have not one… not two… but three big traditions every September.  (LOVE traditions!)  1.  The Fair.  Done.  2.  The OCFA Firefighter picnic.  Done.  3.  Pear picking at Oak Glen.  Coming soon.  Yes, September officially kicks off the BUSY season.

Yesterday was the firefighter picnic.  Usually it is HOT… but yesterday?  71 degrees.  Absolutely perfect.  Every year starts the same; with the clowns giving us balloons and painting our faces.  I will just be honest here, since I am pretty sure clowns don’t read my blog.  The first year I thought it was kind of cute that they used elderly clowns… but this one in particular we seem to see every year and she is a bit grumpy — ha!

ocfa 1 ocfa 2

The trampoline bungee… always a favorite!

ocfa 3

The “Wizzer” was new this year.  It was fun for the kids — spinny rides are not for me!

ocfa 4 ocfa 5 ocfa 6

Another favorite… the swings.  Poor Sierra has always wanted to go but never been tall enough.  This year she was tall enough, but not feeling good.

ocfa 7

ocfa 8

The big girls rode the boats by themselves this year.  Growing up.  Sniff.  Sniff.

ocfa 9

ocfa 10 ocfa 11 ocfa 12

And, we ended with the ferris wheel.  (And ice cream, of course.)  Until next year…

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