Sunday Smiles

First Day of Fall.  Family Time.  Crisp, Beautiful Weather.  I know my joy shouldn’t come from circumstances, but these things combined just have me bursting with joy!  So along those lines, here are a few things that had me smiling this weekend.

ssf 1

First things first…. It’s the first day of fall.  That can mean only one thing: pumpkin.  We tried out pumpkin smoothies for our first pumpkin treat!


Oh, this girl makes me smile.  She is my one and only stuffed animal fan.  Here she is reading to “Polka Dots,” (her solid black dog), and “Purple Glitter,” (her gray and white penguin… or owl… we can’t decide!)  The names just make me smile!

ssf 2

I spotted this butterfly on what’s left of our green beans, and it was nice enough to stay there while I went to get my camera.  Good, butterfly!  Sierra and I spotted several others of various sizes while lying on the slide and enjoying the fall breeze.  I’m telling you, this weather has me giddy!

ssf 3

The littles are both learning the joys… and scratches of kittyhood.

ssf 4

We pulled out the fall/ Halloween decorations and I am so excited to finish decorating.  As always, these girls found a project right away.  This year it happened to be “Friendly Monster Masks.”  They got right to coloring!

ssf 5

“What?  You mean to tell me there’s no more ice cream?”  Priceless face.  Happy Sunday!


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