I know it may sound hard to believe, but I’m starting to get tired of our breakfast options.  We probably have two dozen items we rotate, and yet… I’m ready for something new!  I’ll blame it on the change of seasons, I suppose.  (And, don’t even get me started on how excited I am that Southern California actually got the memo that it’s fall this year!)  So, Friday morning with windows open, sweatshirt on, chickens clucking, and coffee brewing, we made coffee cake mugs!

ccm 1 ccm 2I used this recipe I found on Pinterest.  I thought they were pretty tasty, but not super special as in we’re going to do these every week!  My oldest liked hers, while the younger girls claimed they liked it, yet didn’t eat much.  Hmmm… never know why that is.  Malachi burned his mouth with the first bite and that was hat.  Poor little dude.  I’d say give them a try… and let me know what YOU think!  (And if you have any awesome breakfast recipes, I’d love to hear them!(  Ok, I’m off to light a pumpkin candle and pull down the fall bins from the garage — hooray!


4 responses to “Breakfast.

  1. Oh, boy, Cara, I can’t wait to try this! I love 5 minute chocolate cake, because I’ve found a way to make it gluten free. This sounds delicious!

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