Busy Day

Crepes are kind of a favorite around here… but to keep them fun, we are always trying to come up with new fillings.   Check out today’s newest creation:

busy 1

Yup, the “s’more crepe.”  Can’t say I tried it, but it was a hit with the kids.  Well… all but Sierra who ate the filling, but not the crepe!

busy 2

Anyway, we needed a filling breakfast to help us kick start our soccer season.  Today was our first time doing two games.  (You moms with 3 or more in soccer, I don’t know how you do it!)  From there it was off to a birthday party at a jumping place.  I am thinking they should be upstairs passed out.  However, the sugar rush may counter that.  We’ll see!

busy 3 busy 4

This year Allison moved up to the next league and her team is “The Cougars.”  Natalie is on “The Blast” again, but was happy to have a totally different uniform despite having the same team name as last year.  It’s all about the uniform colors, right?

busy 5

Even though it’s busy, I really do love this time of year.  Yes, school is work but it’s still the start of a new year and therefore still exciting.  Yes, the weather is still HOT, but you can still order a pumpkin spice latte at Starbucks and wear a cozy sweatshirt in their air conditioning and pretend it’s cold outside.  There is just something I love so much about fall… and it’s almost here!


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