Schoolin’ Around

Here’s a little glimpse into some of our school activities this last week or two.

sar 1

Scripture art journals.  We start off with a new verse every Monday, as well as a new way to write it.  The girls are FINALLY reciting ALL their memorized verses each day, rather than just their latest.  Having them all in one journal is helpful.  They are LOVING these.  I mean, come on… journals… art… God’s Word… what’s not to love for these girls?

sar 2

Making Tangrams as part of our trip to China.  The girls are also LOVING Expedition Earth.

sar 3

Rolling art paints.  Great for her age.

sar 4 sar 5

Science: The “Naked EGG” experiment.  These were very cool.  The shells did indeed dissolve and the eggs were somewhat rubbery and bouncy.  Best of all, they were cool to observe, (and then pop!)

sar 6

Rolling out our multiplication tables.  This was a fun game… at first.  The girls were loving it.  By the time the graph paper was 3/4 full, however, it was getting “boring.”  But, all in all it was a helpful tool, as well.

sar 7

And **smile** aren’t these two precious?  I may have locked them outside to see if they could play on their own.  I also may have came back to the door to find this.  At least they were smiling!!!


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