Bad story, happy ending.

It was a good day.  My husband was home from work.  We spent the morning doing free bowling with friends at the bowling alley’s homeschool day.  We came home and got our work done.  We ate dinner.  All was well…

After dinner we went outside to enjoy some rollerblading around the cul-de-sac.  That’s when it began.  My little guy accidentally stepped on my knee, and I screamed from shock causing him to ball.  We brought the kitty outside for the first time only to have him run off to where we couldn’t find him.  We went inside and put the kids down, and discovered my husband’s wedding ring was missing.  Yeah, one of those nights!  I was exhausted, but found it hard to sleep thinking of the missing ring and the missing kitty.  (My knee was fine.)  Fast forward a few hours, and I hear something outside our window.  I screamed.  I thought it must have been our kitty.  More tossing and turning and no sleep.

Do you ever have those times where you can’t explain it, but you know there is a spiritual attack?  As I laid in bed, I just kept trying to pray, but it was hard.  My tired mind raced.

I got up this morning determined to make it a good day.  But, my heart was heavy thinking of the kitty.  And, the kids who went to bed healthy came downstairs with major colds.  SO… we talked and prayed.  And, we pulled out our “special straws” for a fun treat.

day 1

While drinking our milk, the kids asked if “Miss Savannah” could come for a visit.  This is a bit embarrassing to admit, but Miss Savannah is my alter-ego who is always joyful, joking, and has a big southern accent.  They seem to ask for her whenever I least feel like putting on her character.  Funny thing, huh?  But, I do — and it is a spiritual battle at times.  But, you know what?  It not only does their hearts good, it does mine good, as well.  I joke about the bad, point out the good, and we trust together that God works ALL things for the good of those who love him and are called according to his purpose, (Rom 8:28).

Here’s the happy ending part… by that afternoon, I noticed something in front of the couch — my husband’s ring!  And, just before dinner when the girls went to check for eggs, they heard a “meow.” Long story short, we have our precious Spongie back and he is just fine.  Oh, the joy — I was elated!  And that, my friends, is our story.



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