Sensory bins

Do you do sensory bins for your little ones?  Do you have a theme?  Use rice?  Do you even know what a sensory bin is?

sb 1

Here’s the thing… I don’t really know what a sensory bin is, either.  I heard the term and have seen them here and there; enough to kind of grasp the concept without a real explanation.  My guess is they’re bins that are supposed to keep kids entertained with imaginative play.

sb 2

I decided long ago I had to give these a try.  So, for the past several months whenever the kids would get a little “junk toy,” (like from a goody bag or prize bin or something), I would set the little toy aside.  Likewise, if I found some tiny toys laying around, I put them in this box.  Turns out, I collected a lot of junk — enough to make 3 decent sensory bins.

sb 3

I thought this would be a HUGE hit with Sierra.  She absolutely loves her sister’s mini fairy sandbox, and could play make-believe with her stuffed animals for hours.  But, these didn’t get the thrill I was hoping for.  Bummer, huh?  I did play with her a bit and she liked that.  And, today she played a little longer than yesterday with them, much to my surprise.  So, I am not giving up hope, yet.  Perhaps they will catch-on.   At the very least, all our random little “treasures” now have a home!  Oh, and this is what happens when you walk away from a one-year-old for a minute.  (Just one minute, I promise!)

sb 4

Yup.  The vacuum has been used quite a few times in just 2 days.  So, what do you think?  Is there something I’m missing?  Is this what they’re all about?  Will she catch on, or are these just not her thing?


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