Flying Solo

Not 1… not 2… but 3 notes in 3 rooms…  Oh how I LOVE my kids!

htd“Happy Teacher’s Day” they read.  Very sweet.  Super sweet!  Just what I needed.

So, today was my first day in almost 4 weeks having all 4 kids to myself with no help.  Two days ago I had them for a few hours, and was a wreck.  Somehow thoughts of “I can’t do this yet” snuck in and overwhelmed me.  Once I realized it was a spiritual battle, I finally put on my armor.  I’ve been praying and reading God’s Word the last few days, and that has helped change my attitude.  Of course I can’t do this — but God can help me!

And, He did.  Today went well.  I am tired.  There were lots of poopy diapers.  Normal arguments and messes.  But, school was great.  The littles were fine.  And, my joy is overflowing… now it’s time for me to go to bed!




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