Favorite Spot

We all have our favorite spots in our house.  Mine happens to be my bedroom at about 3:00pm.  The sun is pouring through the windows, and I love to stare out as it comes through the evergreens.  My second-favorite spot happens to be our dining room — again, because of the window.  And it also seems to be the favorite spot for this little guy:

spongie 1

It’s my favorite spot because of the purple flowers.  Spongie, on the other hand, probably enjoys the fresh air as well as spying on the chickens.

spongie 2

When we got Spongie, we intended for him to be an outdoor cat.  Well, indoor/ outdoor.  We want him to be out most of the day having fun, chasing mice, and getting exercise.  We hope to bring him back in at night to avoid the same fate as Stray.  Anyway, he has not had all his shots yet, so he has been totally indoors.  Tomorrow all that will change.  We’ll let you know how it goes!


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