Social Studies

When are kids too old for play dough?  Never, I hope… my older girls are now in 2nd and 3rd grades, and it is still a hit!  Of course, it is now up to them to measure the flour, dump the salt, stir, etc.  But, it is still fun!

world 1

For the past 2 years, we have done U.S. history for our social studies.  You’d think we’d be tired of it by now… and Natalie probably is.  But, Allison and I have loved it and could probably do it again!  There is so much to learn, and the more you learn the more scary it is to see how far our country has come in its philosophy… but I digress.

world 2

Anyway, this year we are changing it up a bit and looking to take a trip around the world!  We are using the Expedition Earth curriculum which I discovered and bought used through my awesome blogger friend, Darcy.  This week has been a simple introduction, reviewing geographical terms, the continents, and praying for people around the world.  Next week we begin our travels… and I am thrilled!  I am also a bit nervous about the prep work, but praying it will all go well.

world 3

In addition, we also subscribed to Little Passports for fun.  I think it will be neat for me the girls to get their packages in the mail each month!  Can’t wait to see what they hold.  They probably won’t line-up with our travels exactly, but they will never-the-less be exciting.

world 4

Speaking of Passports, that is what the girls will be getting tomorrow. (I need to get on that!)

world 5

 Another fun resource we hope to utilize is Around the world in 60 days.  My friend sent it to me in the beginning of the summer, and that confirmed for me my decision to travel the world this year.


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