Miscellaneous Photos

With school in session and supposed “order” in our lives, (yeah, right!), we should be doing more planned activities… which means more planned blog posts… which means I need to have some fun random posts sometimes, too!  So, here is a fun random post!

misc 1

This cat… too fun!

misc 2

When my mom was here, shevbravely took the kids to the grand opening of Yogurtland for free yogurt.  Was it worth the wait?  Yes!

misc 3

misc 4

misc 5

First “real” haircut.  I have trimmed it many times, but we had my hair dresser give it a whack.  Actually, she didn’t chop much; it’s still long, but much nicer!

misc 6

Sister did her hair…. ’nuff said!

misc 7

He brought me the camera, (my heart stopped when I turned to see why he was saying “Here, Mom!”).  But, he didn’t drop it and smiled nicely; what a handsome boy!

misc 8

Something I didn’t expect to see this year… the 3 younger ones doing school.  Malachi LOVES to color!  And, Sierra keeps begging for school, (Which is a problem since I don’t have many things planned for her!)

misc 9

And, all is fun and games until someone decides to color their face.  Precious.  At least he didn’t eat the crayon.


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