First Day of School 2013

Ready or not… it’s here!  Actually, it was here and now it’s gone.  The first day of school.  And, we made it!  Of course, I had help from both my mom and husband.  Next Monday I’ll be on my own, but I don’t really want to think about that right now.

b2s 1

My favorite part of the morning set-up was the lined paper napkins from the dollar section at Target.  All other accessories were ideas from Pinterest.  (The girls were quite excited about their “pencils.” You can find the tutorial here.)

a 1

New school supplies… every summer we load up from Target because, really, you can’t beat the back-to-school prices!  And, my mom brought me the cute apple basket.

a 2

Daniel helped me hang last year’s “First Day of School” banner… and we were set!  Oh, wait.  I had to make some cinnamon sugar croissants for breakfast!

b2s 4

As much as I love the lazy days of summer, hours spent in the pool, and no schedule, all the back to school supplies and the thought of fall make going back to school more bearable.  It also helps that my kids get genuinely excited.  Unfortunately, their excitement this year was mixed with exhaustion from being on such a different schedule over the past few weeks as I’ve recovered from my knee surgery.  Yes, they were thrilled to start today, but there was a mix of bickering and tears, as well.  I am most certainly going to be covering this year in prayer!  Here are their first day shots:

a 3

a 4

And, who gave this little monkey a headband…. ??? 🙂

b2s 7

I gave the girls a choice as to where they wanted to do school today.  Of course, they chose the “new classroom.”  It is certainly not finished, but functions well.  (I just haven’t had time for the fun decorating stuff!)  So, here we are in the new classroom:

b2s 9 b2s 10

b2s 11

b2s 12

b2s 13

I also gave Sierra the choice between school or a date with Papa.  I don’t have a curriculum planned for her this year, but want to start with a few fun basics.  She chose school, much to my surprise.  And, she did quite well.  Does this mean I need to start planning for her every day, too?  Yikes!  Today was filled with LPS printables from 1+1+1=1.  Sierra loves LPS, so these were a big hit!

b2s 14 b2s 15

b2s 16

You’ll notice 2 very important words on the board below:  grace and patience.  I think those are our theme words for the year.  The girls seemed to understand.  And all those colorful blobs?  Sierra’s angels she drew as we did Bible study.

a 5

And, last but not least a shot of the little man who helped Grandma do dishes and took a bike ride with Papa while we did school.  I missed him today!  But, it sure was nice to be uninterrupted.

b2s 18

And that, my friends, was our first day of school!

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  1. Just love you my friend. Can’t wait for a classroom tour. Love you!!! Praying for your year.

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