As I mentioned yesterday, we have gotten a few little things done around here.  I have to laugh at myself and my priorities sometimes.  School starts Monday, and a cute classroom is top priority on my to-do list.  Ha!   Actually, it is practical, as well.  I am not just going for “cute,” but ORGANIZED.  Oh, to be organized…

Anyway, one thing I’ve wanted to do all summer was number my lockers.  But how?  Then I remembered a technique I found on JDC a while back.  It was for lettering doors, but could it work on lockers?  It was worth a shot!

lockers 1

Step 1 was to print out how I wanted the letters to look.  I can’t remember which font I used, but it was a basic one from Word.  Next, I colored the back of the paper with chalk.   Finally, I put the paper onto the locker, and traced the lettering with a pen, pushing a little extra hard.  When I pulled the paper away…

lockers 2

Can I tell you how excited I was to see that it worked?  VERY excited!!!!  Step 4 in my case was to recruit my mom to paint.  She is fabulous at this sort of thing, and there was no way I was able to do it with my crutches.  Score.

lockers 3

Funny story.  My husband took me to Hobby Lobby to pick-up some white paint since I ran out.  He suggested I sit in the wheelchair so we could move faster.  And, faster we moved.  We flew through aisles where I was certain I whizzed past something I needed for our home.  I would say something like “Oh wait — did you see that?”  And he would not even hesitate as he muttered, “Uh-huh.  Nice,”  and continued moving at record speed.  THAT is how one gets out of Hobby Lobby for under $20.

And, here is how the lockers turned out…

lockers 4Now to organize them… Thanks, Mom!


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