A Boy and his Cat

It’s official… Spongie is a happy part of the family!

mk 1

He has gone from an extremely shy and docile kitten who was always hiding, to a highly energetic bundle of fun.  He absolutely loves when any of the kids  play with him.

mk 2

And… he is also a one-on-one kind of cuddly cat.  At night, he turns on his engine and won’t stop purring, cuddling, and cozying up to his friend of choice.  I find it quite precious.

mk 3

Most of all, I love seeing the joy he brings to the kids.  (I am thinking a string with beads on the end might not have been such a good idea for this boy, however.  I’m willing to bet someone gets hurt!)

mk 4

But, oh… it’s so sweet!


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