The Horse Stables

I can’t even tell you how much I’ve loved our mild summer temperatures, so far.    We even stopped at a park randomly yesterday without having to worry about burning slides or lack of shade.  I know August and September are coming… and they can be brutal… but I think I can handle it after a beautiful June and July!

horse 1

All that to say, after breakfast the other day I was dealing with some exceptionally tired kids when it occurred to me; it’s actually cool enough to go for a walk!  Sierra was already wearing her cowgirl hat, so we headed to our favorite spot; the horse stables!

horse 2 horse 3

horse 4

horse 5

This girl has been a horse fan since she was a baby.  I am already dreaming of redoing the girls’ room and giving Sierra a little horse theme in her corner.

horse 6

There is a 3 month old colt, who is just precious.  All the horses are, really.  It’s funny to think that I was actually scared of them before we started our trips to the stables.  They are just so big!  Such a beautiful definition of meekness.  Now I find them extraordinary, (though I have no desire to have one of my own!)

horse 7

horse 8

The walk back is always the hardest; slightly uphill.  But, a stop at our favorite spot, “the rock garden,” always cheers us up!

horse 9

We play the jumping rock game.  And, sometimes we run through the bushes and play hide-and-seek, (though Triscuit always reveals our hiding spots!)  The girls pick wild flowers for each other.  Then we’re on our way.

horse 10

… With a wild flower in our hair!  Hooray for cooler temperatures, summer walks, and horses!

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