Random Summer Pictures

It’s hard to believe this week will ring in August.  I blinked and July disappeared.  Other than our little camping trip, it was just a daily dose of swings, bubbles, hula hoops, swimming, smoothies, ice cream, friends, and lazy summer days… July has been amazing!

rs 1

I have lots of random pictures… and a few random thoughts.  So I’m just going to dump them here for you.

rs 2

I can never decide if this girl looks younger or older in pictures.  All I know is I adore her smile!

rs 3

Same thing with this girl, though I lean toward older!

rs 4

Somebody needs to tell this boy to stop throwing his food when he is done.  Oh, wait… I have told him.  Silly little guy threw this bowl of oatmeal when I thought it was safe to run to the bathroom.  I wish I could have seen exactly how he did it because I am still finding oatmeal in surprise locations!

rs 5

Oh, these two and that cat.  They definitely win for most time spent with the kitten!

rs 6

Daniel and I were able to sneak off to San Juan Capistrano for a date at The Rok.  Here’s the thing: you literally cook your food on a rock!  It’s pretty awesome.  The chilly beach air along with wonderful food and the best company made it a wonderful night!

rs 7

I know I’ve mentioned he loves glasses… did I mention he also loves hats?  He discovered this one from his sister and had a blast.  I will be using these pictures in his future wedding video, no doubt.  He loves to put the fireman hat on me and then sing “E-I-E-I-O.”  (He’s a little confused, but it’s quite adorable!)  He turns 20 months old today!

rs 8

And this cutie pie randomly asked me to take pictures of her.  She made-up all the faces herself, too.

rs 9

Whenever Daniel gets a chance to go to the Japanese Market in Costa Mesa, we eat like royalty for a few days.  My favorite is his miso sea bass….

rs 10

I told Allison she is old enough to look through a craft book herself, find the supplies, and do a craft.  So she did… and now we have tp napkin rings!  Meanwhile, Natalie painted a fairy and Sierra decided to use chicken feathers to paint.  All different.  All creative.  All had lots of fun!

rs 11

And, one more of our little Spongie.  He is such a time waster!  But, oh so sweet.  I’ve taken a liking to our new cat!

rs 13

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