California Science Center

You know how sometimes an idea sounds like a lot of fun… and then you remember half your kids are still toddlers?  Yeah.  Well, it really wasn’t all bad.  I asked Allison if she had a little bit of fun, to which she replied, “Oh, mom… I had a great time!  Why did you say just a little?”  Aw, kids are great!  I guess it was just me who was a little stressed fighting the crowds, pushing a stroller, and running to the bathroom every 15 minutes for a 3 year old with an upset tummy.  (I won’t even tell you how loud the screaming was in the crowded elevator as I tried to find the bathroom… again.)

csc 1

csc 2

A video on how astronauts go to the bathroom… great stuff!

csc 3

Seeing the space shuttle really was spectacular.  I only wish I could have spent more time reading about it.  Incredible!

csc 4

Picnic lunch in front of the rose gardens.  Lovely.

csc 5

Before we arrived, Allison guessed we would see a Wright Brother plane.  I told her probably not because I believed it was in the Smithsonian.  Turns out she was at least half right; they had a replica which was cool to see.  We LOVED reading about the Wright Brothers in school this past year; I highly recommend it to you!

csc 6

csc 7

We ended by seeing the fishies.  I think we may have seen 10% of the entire museum.  It is massive.  I’d love to send my husband with the older two some time.

csc 8

We left just as the power went out, so we had to carry the stroller with a sleeping 3 year old down the stairs.  I was so thankful we didn’t get stuck in the elevator!  And, thankful for little traffic both there and home; and very well-behaved kids on both drives.  Gotta love adventures like these!

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