The Slide

This is one of those posts that really makes me want to upgrade my blog service so that I could download videos.  I think I could win $10,000 from AFV!  But, since I can’t  you’ll just have to take my word for it.  And, these pictures will have to do.

slide 1

So, today I was staring at some boxes and remembering a slide I had pinned a while back.  I knew right then it was time to do it!  It took just 3 boxes and a little tape, and our slide was ready.

slide 2

I told the kids to get their blankies and meet me at the top of the stairs.  I thought they would be thrilled.  I was certain my husband would at least think I was a genius.

slide 3

My husband’s initial comment?  “I think this is too dangerous.”  Say wha — (That right before he grabbed the boogie board, and later sent his baby son flying down.)  So, yeah… I think I won him over.  The kids were initially afraid, as well.  They all tried it, but none were too thrilled.

slide 4

Malachi had fun helping me fluff the pillows.  The video of him coming down would be the one to win us some money.  (I’ll show you when you come visit, Grandma!)

slide 5

slide 6

And so, what I thought would be a huge hit was neither a flop nor a hit — just a fun little experiment.  I’d say give it a try!


2 responses to “The Slide

  1. Looks like pretty neat fun!

    (By the by, you don’t need to upgrade to put on videos. Go to YouTube and get a free account. Upload your videos to YouTube and then just include the link in your post. The video will show up on your WP post and circulate on YouTube as well! Incidentally, I have gone ahead and done this myself. My husband suggested I start doing video reviews of certain books and things of that nature and posting on them. Let’s see how well it works! Give it a try though, you might like it!)

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